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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 17, 2010 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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live thiso s kron 4 5:30 p.m..unn30 p.m. on the tojorroederaltheport6ut said. .s. cospitalthrrors e used 15,000o eaths and onnthtithewieportroybehe. humank ervices inspector generalchffice in 44 percent ofs hose mistakes were preventable., wonn catherine has details.t o and a re aree3umbers- chilling. hectors to review recordsfof . tientsueospitalized3n
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october of 2008. saysllha'ne and seven medicareteatients6 f hong dwellrmn theff.s. hospital.6 c1 ay,000 dientach lecauseatfisapsesn hospitals and employees.1 what kindt ftaistakes are rtde? some morengerious includeiteaving a sponge insideish atient and erating on che wrong + ient.oday aliforniaoond during the fiscals earo f 2009ouhe bublic health departmentreaysac509 + iousuprrors were teported by hospitals.of e stated lso nd hospitalsr hat year 4or pliling to, eportdw53 events on time. aftherine kron 4 news. w 1 mmittingor+ surgical crrors cificcalifornia+ 5 o ar adet a retractable& stside otherofase6 he surgeon forgot towiemove a sponge
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sosideas watient. medicalndenterrdlso two funds in one e bystasorivenda0 times1 correct loset rtinner. tn thertther6 dge wrote that wase tetient:0ho had a thmorghemoved.6 etaluma salley hospital cit $50,000 fineelor punch at a patient1uring rergeryilll three hospitals o ldidsy hey have cevised their policies cince escidents.6 ckland y ntinue otooting a church. 'ootingonut side yearitistoryt templeghaptist ilklande 6 year- urlsonanashettending ac1ed ctogram there when saot and ailled while inlkingtobout isr ellphone in front of4:he church as the gate.y ae iragicf inmes up toh he church preparing toa nnounce it has toceivedof $430,000inrant eaom bhe. alifornia dowment .hearbara bowman laidlehe money will
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usednaolyraink 0 faith basedraeaders all wayueo ventthiolence inekakland and in richmond. r violence at p ducing6 hat3mong african- s ericans and3 ndalth andwioys in color. will,5e0 soping goal and6 bjective onr them to then cake3 tlowledgengn this trading theaneceived,k . rspective their eon wilsonody 3werfulnd convicting they're-ill a tot of work 3 do. the r.acowman is in charge oftianaging6he1430,000
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inanthes well as plementationpell part + tituteitver thedyext two e woman was tilled & ertocsfophuttle hit her in sanurranciscos enderloin ghborhood ba happened shortlyivfter noontiear gary a leavenworth.k hemehuttle errntheft not to carry what a hit chefioman. hat been crossing the street. n man is believed co be g tweenve0 and 65 years ewehodal as not chrned aompanies making vecoholic energyomrinksc1 igday, he fday,entaietters skehe makersstf drinks such urfaor tocal iynic have been addedd ot hose drinks is an sasafe food additive. ave ledd the drinks to accidents and assaults.theene companies have 15 daystio respond3o can cither defend the etoduct6r tick them offthhe n rket c1ell the
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urors vere slightly enday high temperatures cday in thec1pper e mostventies3or+ hart. rosa. this is the scene in september after he was killed. it the 16 year-old
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suspect whose name has not been released admitted to the charges today including vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. he had been driving for other students on novato boulevard when the cars bought at of control. it didn't tractor- trailer driving in the opposite direction. the teen sentencing is scheduled for december the second. a settlement has raged in the ways dispute between the way to meg whitman and her former housekeeper nikki d has. the state division of labor held both sides-out of $5,500 settlement. it means neither side will have to accept the blame during the governor's race the as and her attorney gloria allred accused of the firing ds without proper compensation after whitman discovered her housekeeper was not a legal resident. new details and to that fatal hunting trip in sonoma county. 50 year-old william was shot and killed sunday afternoon on state highway 37 near reclamation row. he had been hunting pheasant with two other
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adults and his 11 year-old son. authorities say he was getting of his truck when he was shot by another hunter. the hunter had been firing at a bird what happened. please are considering the shooting an accident. a live look at cited the san francisco skyline nightfall has sent along the way now you melissa the twinkling lights out there no fog seen in this picture but it is about to roll in. jacqueline has about the details coming up later in this newscast.
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when you go faster, you're free to go farther. at&t. rethink possible. get high-speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month. bruce but she has not seen a lot of defeats lately however today major league baseball awarded the manager of the trophy to the padre's but black. but you didn't come in second place he came in third behind the san francisco manager. to respond to receive a few first-place ballots is that leaving the giants to a season ending surge the colonnaded to a major-league
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win. it to the reporter kimberly is that the motor shows us how works. >> google places with popov and already people are calling it a square killer. let show you a its principal you through the hot pot you can write a review the different restaurants, hotels for example here were going to raid at bank rose texas and is you choose how many stores you want to see it flipped over so you can add your own review. also with the big draws with this is you at your friends you're hot pot networks and it seems google is banking on the fact that general likely to trust recommendations from your friends and from faceless folks on the street to comment on places like yelp. you could do this through a computer or mobile application currently it's only available on android phones but they say it's gunna to the i phone very soon. >> big changes to a forecast
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as we get a much cooler weather and also showers first on friday then on and off rain with gusty winds and very cold temperatures. we'll talk it out on future cast coming up in five minutes. right now, verizon has the new samsung galaxy tab.
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qantas airlines has a big news they're saying as many as 40 of the jets on their planes want to be completely replaced. this follows a string of problems for qantas probably the biggest one earlier this month and engine broke apart in mid- air. since then all of its a 380 jets have been grounded and this means they will be indefinitely grounded. other airlines by the way to use the same attention the question including singapore airlines. >> in california city officials of los angeles are considering a revision to its tough regulations on medical marijuana. if new rules passed earlier this year would shut down about 400 dispensaries around the city. if this account so could get out of final
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approval as early as next week on which lost that would ease the regulation. if approved it would save as many as 140 pot clinics. in los angeles, a former house of a famous television show collapsed during a speech. bill nye of the 1996 show bill nye the science guy apparently fainted onstage at the university of southern california tuesday evening. hundreds of people were in the audience at the time. chris responded reports indicate that he is now much better. >> was cooler out there today in the cooler weather continues into the overtime hours temperatures quite chile overnight and again today to napa, 39 also in santa rosa so grab the jackets. expecting fog in the north bay over night and were seeing some of the fog close to the coastline right now. tomorrow afternoon temperatures not warming nearly as much as we've seen in days past only the low sixties for the most part. the three redwood city,
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fremont, concord 65 the los gatos. as we head into the weekend satellite radar picture showing a well- defined storm to the north already shooting plenty of rain into seattle, portland is will drop down to the south and at the bay area friday for the weekend. on the future cast, friday were going to see lighter showers first in the afternoon at the 4:00 hour. it doesn't look like there's much to the storm but watch as it intensifies and pulls the moisture in from offshore to the storm is going to make a more moderate rainfall for saturday. 11:00 friday picking up through the bay area into saturday morning you will see some yellow popping up on your screen indicating more moderate range for some state to the east and north the boss. the santa cruz man should get pockets of heavy rain soc of the north bay and tahoe. if you're headed up there this weekend definitely going want to take your time because it's got to quit the drug. 4:00 in the morning
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sunday will taper off rainfall totals 4:00 on friday to 4:00 on saturday up to an inch of rain in the north bay and santa cruz mountains, half an inch in this central east bay to less than that down in the south bay. here kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the bay forecast it will be a wet and cold weekend starting showers on friday to to have your rain saturday and will see periods of often on rain into sunday it would be conditions as well very chilly temperatures only in the upper 50s snow levels will drop to about 2,500 ft. so a dusting of snow even on our hilltops this weekend as well. >> and national news a russian known as the merchant of death and entered a not guilty plea in the new york courtroom today. it that's victories the getting up the plane this as early today in your keys were in shackles. he's accused of being a lot the biggest arms dealer in the world doing deals with terrorists. is a former soviet military officer russia reportedly is not happy with the fact he is on trial in the u.s.. concern
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about what he might tell them. i tolerance and lewis's considered a look a little boy areas somehow we fell into was aware rescue workers say the cold water and debris in this war was not very deep. the little boy was able to stand up keep his head above the mass until they got about. that's his father who bundled him up and took a poll of the little boy it had only minor injuries. you're looking at the scene overnight in wisconsin were was swat team was try to figure out why a man blasted a shot gun inside his home. that's the follow steve call when it turns out was so enraged by bristol palance dancing on the show dancing with the stars he shot his tv. he's not happy that she's still a contender he could face charges of endangering safety and disorderly conduct. >> a live look outside at the cameras a uc-berkeley where the protesters mainly have cleared away right now there were many there who were upset about the expected fee hikes and the
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vote is tomorrow whether the uc board of regents will have a live update on the situation including an earlier protest from earlier today. that's coming up at 6:00 will be back at 5 with more news. ♪
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here's stanley roberts to found some people behaving badly. >> as we get closer the holiday season there's three things are guaranteed to see near union square. no not this woman dressed as a chocolate covered sunday, i'm referring to the city christmas tree that the union square ice skating rink and the vibration of panhandlers. before you get confused let me be clear on not talking about a homeless because many may not be homeless. i'm talking but people here and run the shopping district the can for cash. but these people on pell street was holding a sign asking for money so he can buy wheat. or this man
5:54 pm
with a sign that reads up for food and broken. he had his dog is delays on the sidewalk also on cal street. later he makes another sign hoping that someone reading it will give him money. why the influx of panhandlers. it's a ball since more people began pouring into union square shopping for the holidays this is where the money is. which means the panhandlers are hoping that you will be in the holiday spirit and hand over your cash. i not here to tell you what to do with your money but if you're really in the giving spirits i have a suggestion. could it to charity instead. in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 >> news> overstock dock, is being sued for false advertising will enter the reporter kimberly tells us why. >> the civil suit was filed today claims that over stopped routinely and
5:55 pm
systematically put out misleading and untrue claims about the prices of their products. they say this is happened since back in january 2006. they say that overstock stock, has sold a patio set for both $450 claim in the original price was about $999 leading you believe if you bought it on overstocking save about $500. but they say what it was delivered it actually had a wal-mart sticker on it saying it was $249. the suit is seeking an injunction against overstock and $50 million in restitution and penalties. >>, and sulfur tech talk with gabe slate. >> q. this was coming designer 3d classes'. oakley is the first i wear maker to get them on the market. these aren't sunglasses these are just reading glasses. why would oakley makes reading glasses for three movies and three tv? it kind of makes sense 3-d
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has blown up avatar changed everything. the treaty is not a big part of our culture. almost every movie that comes out is offered in three d six of the top 10 grossing movies last year or three deep. 3-d tvs are not for sale under expected to be a regular thing in people's living rooms within a few years. espn, discovery and big networks are launching three new channels for the home three the tv. it gives you these use once. it there, they do the trick but there were used recycled you share these with a lot of people. the good of germs and bacteria on them in a recent survey conducted by good housekeeping research institute, they found some of these movie theater classes' data number of germs including those that can cause conjunctivitis, staph infections and other nasty things. it these three will be classes' are cheap
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and not durable the break you see the scratch easy and they're designed to flat. yet look at the 3 d movie screen street on or you lose the three of fact. the oakleys are designed with a little worse shape, little or curve like designer sunglasses said the move your head around inside the movie theater and not lose the three of fact. i popped into the movie make a modest treaty for 10 minutes as i switched my carriage and efficient city could see a trend of the movie theater classes' and then i tried on the oak we designed a three glasses at a say the zero koreas were a lot better the three will be screened looked better with the oakley. the designer three glasses cost $120. gabe slate kron 4 news. >> a live look inside from the kron 4 roof cam over san francisco looking at the city all dole live up to the skies are dark but pretty clear right now. with cooler weather heading our way all the latest news, weather and
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live this is kron 4 news at 6:00. if attila to cities into outgoing mayor spirited sense as a city leaders are getting the ball rolling of their search for a temporary replacement for mayor gavin newsom to some critics kron 4 explains how supervisors are looking to the public for input. excess oakland mayor ron dellums disappearing act. on the same day that mayor released a very nontraditional state of the city would get reaction was speculation that the element is making believe office before his term is officially over by indelibly has about half left to serve as oakland spare and it appears he is taking a quiet exit from service. as his term once down the mayor's explaining his legacy and a rather hard to find prepackage farewell.
6:01 pm
thinvisible at public delivery rondel posted a 60 page document on line. instead of a one-year review its are rosy recap of his four year in office. citing what he calls " on many shared accomplishments. in addition to the statistics of lord crime increase citizen involvement, there is also video. at 9 minute valentine to the mayor with public servants and private citizens expressing their they experience >> would have to say ron has been more important leader an advocate. my experience working with him was extremely positive. dellums has an advocate for program. having near dublin involved really highlighted held port and is when you have someone leading from the top. >> mayor dellums decision to
6:02 pm
cancel a state of the city speech did not come as a shock from many curious kron 4 kate thompson reports some say as one last and salt in dellums disappointing for your term. >> go speech this year for mayor ron dellums steve matthews of the homeowners' association says no surprise. he said was dellas track record of being a no show mayor its par for the course. >> the fact that he canceled his address is just one more step in his nonlinear stand as occupying the office. >> the d.c. council members were no word be found on wednesday and their offices did not return calls for e- mail's for comment city councilman and it not seal it belafonte was out of town gaby's scathing remarks over the phone. >> he says " it's really sad, unbelievable canceling last minute shows no respect it to me it's a real insult " to dellums does
6:03 pm
have the supporters like the market street neighborhood association whose said the on line speech is a modern way to do things. >> that's interesting like that. >> when it comes to speculation that he make eye to the officer leak somewhere the ready to show the door while others think he should stick around until january. >> i'd be happy to have him leave if he wants to go let go already. he's not been good for oakland he hasn't done anything for oakland used and not mayor, he doesn't want the job i of the giver did want the job. >> on myself i think he should stay for that term and turnover to the elected mayor jean-claude. >> in oakland kate thompson kron 4 news. they're jealous just released a statement response to the speculation that he may leave his job early he says " my commitment and the commitment of less staff is
6:04 pm
to focus on facilitating a seamless transition of government to the incoming administration. i remain committed to oakland, to finish what i came here to do, because i care about the future of this great city. " we're big story will replace merce san francisco newsome. the public will get a chance to weigh and on the subject. christine conley walk sister the process. >> does a lot of talk going on behind closed doors of city hall but likely will see any vote on appointing a successor mayor until january 4th. capt. is a mass to officially resigned as mayor of san francisco before moving on his replacement can be made. newsome is expected to leave the office until january 3rd. in the meantime the will be plenty of opportunity for the public to weigh in on the subject. >> in the coming weeks the public will be invited to at
6:05 pm
public comment to the board of supervisors, give us feedback. >> the export of supervisors meeting is on november 23rd on that meeting bebel over the rows of nominating and selecting a successor until there's an election in november. here's a look of a process to select a replacement. under city law the board of supervisors to make an appointment but they must have at least six votes out of the 11 member board. at this time no one who is gunna get enough votes. if no one gets the votes that the president of the board of supervisors will become acting mayor. supervisor john said a lot of names are being thrown around for a successor from board president david shute to people outside the board. that hearing team, tom christine conley kron 4 news. >> we have extended ongoing coverage of the mayoral changes for san francisco and oakland including a link to oakland state of the city
6:06 pm
documents of the video that we talked about. that's all of our web site at >> i protest against proposed tuition increase turned a rather violent today at the university of san francisco mission bay campus. the demonstrators or are arguing against an 8% increase in the students she is a need to see police used pepper spray to drive off protesters who tried to costs police barricade carried out the glove is live at the uc-berkeley campus where the protest movement to the evening. >> the story at this hour is there isn't a story on stanford wheeler hall this is the building that last time the regent raise tuition was actually taken over by students. as you concede tonight protesters gathered on the steps about an hour ago and won only eight of them showed up they turned off their bullhorns packed up their science and
6:07 pm
left about 15 or 20 minutes ago. there's to protest your this our problem in large part was the people were angry about the tuition hike already voiced their opinion that ucsf this morning. maureen kelly has that part of the story. she was striking a sunday times of lost track of time. suddenly there's pepper spray the awarding, no disperse order. it feels like a chemical burn the just as a stop in the year feels like it's on fire it clearly think it's the video shows excessive force. it showed the tape to the police chief was as well the matter is under review she didn't see any evidence of an inappropriate use of force. the officers were holding the line the individual charging the officer,
6:08 pm
>> she said officers began using the weapons when some protesters started taking apart the barricades in using that destroyed the officers. they say three officers were injured during the protest including one who was struck with his own baton after being surrounded by large crowd of demonstrators here at the parking grosz. the officer drew his weapon and pointed it at the crowd. she said it's because he feared for safety. uc student was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon in the incident. in total 13 protesters were arrested at today's demonstration. marin kelly kron 4 news. >> temperatures cooler out there by about 5 degrees is look at today's high temperatures low seventies for the most part upper 60s. some six it has san jose some of the warmer spots that 58 of the coast as difficult as a sea breeze winds started to move back and. read and seen fog on the close right now. 40 capt. bay, 52 san francisco so much cooler coast of the
6:09 pm
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another round of course and details emerge from the gang rape of the 16 year-old girl that the 2009 richmond high school homecoming dance. this was a scene as the seven suspects for adults and three miners and to the court room and martine as all of them wearing bright yellow jumpsuits handcuffed with chain feet. kron 4 dan curman has the details from the third day of this
6:17 pm
preliminary hearing the judge in this case " the case would be done by banks giving but said the way things are going this could last well for december. for the second day in a row of richmond police crime scene of scattered took the stand and she was on the stand all day long. >>these are the 7 suspects accused of raping a 16 year-old girl at a richmond high school in october of last year. at three of the preliminary hearing the suspects attorneys tried to suggest the evidence may indicate that the sex was consensual and that the crime scene and evidence may not have been preserved as best it could be. richmond police crime scene investigator joanne admitted that preserving the crime scene wasn't important because the evidence was not imperative, lifesaving efforts were. she is referring to getting medical attention for the victim. she also admitted when she identified three pieces of evidence including a used condom, she ended up
6:18 pm
leaving the scene and it was another crime scene investigator who ended up collecting the evidence and putting a report in about it. she said after she left the scene and before the new crime scene investigator arrived officers were posted at the location to preserve the crime scene. she said she has no firsthand knowledge to what end or out. one of the defense attorneys asked her how well she remembers the crime scene and she said to be honest she tries not to remember this case. testimony is expected to resume on thursday. at the courthouse in martinez dan curman kron 4 news. meanwhile there's been a familiar face in the courtroom audience every day as the caring progresses trulls ramsey is a school board member from the west contra costa school district he said this is an important hearing for him to attend as well as other school officials. >> as a school board trustee at once know what happened at want to know what steps i can take to improve our
6:19 pm
security i can't guess what i take back to my fellow board members and super and subtended not just for rich and high-school but for all of our high schools. we had move forward in a very productive way to insure that if there are we have to have other events for kids homecoming, football games, basketball games there's always going to be activities on campus and had we prevent something so heinous of ever happening again. would be horrible if it happened it and it happened our district. what did the lesson the west county school board, we reelected these people to serve and protect our children. it i need to be here i wish other board members would be here to take time out of their schedule because i'm here is a public servant. >> the 16 year-old team behind the we will of a deadly d y crushed novato admitted his guilt today in marin county juvenile court. he pleaded guilty to a number of charges including vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, d y causing
6:20 pm
great bodily injury dui with a blood alcohol level of 0.08%. it happened september 17th on stammered drive when the teams car spot of control and hit a cattle truck. at 15 oral passenger was killed. a team driver could be sentenced to juvenile hall antilles 21 or be placed in a rehabilitation program. >> cooler weather continues over the next several days chile this evening with temperatures dropping off dramatically as the close to the coastline. 7:00 tomorrow morning cold made in the low '40's and fog in the north bay in the afternoon temperatures going another five degrees over today as high temperatures man in the low 60s plus for going to see increasing cloud cover. our high temperatures for tomorrow afternoon he did about five degrees cooler, 63 degrees a redwood city, same thing in hayward and concord 65 antioch, 59 in
6:21 pm
san francisco 62 in santa rosa and 64 in san jose. your satellite greater picture well-defined storm up to the north rain right already to seattle, portland and this will drop down to the bay area on friday and saturday. rain expected starting friday afternoon about 4:00. you will notice not much rain showing up friday at 4:00 it looks like it's broken but the storm will be tapping into some moisture here offshore and that will strengthen it as it was into friday night and saturday morning. more widespread rain by 11:00 on friday. saturday morning were seeing areas of heavy rains could see over to the east of a area and to the north will continue to see waves that this rotate through on saturdays of periods of heavy rain possible. your kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay run the bay forecast cooling trend continues into the weekend showers first on friday and the more moderate on saturday. will be a very
6:22 pm
cold storm. temperatures in the upper 50s snow levels dropping to about 2,500 ft.. as we head into sunday is there enough moisture to create that snow on a hilltop. i think there will be will get a little dusting their plus the rain continuing down in the valleys through monday. >> major layoffs are coming to south san francisco genentech. as many as 750 jobs will be cut over the next years. 350 to 450 jobs will be manufacturing positions from the south san francisco campus. an additional 200 jobs will be cut from other parts of the company also found that campus. another 100 positions will be cut from vacaville. despite serious losses for the democratic party in d.c. the voted to keep nancy pelosi as their leader. take a look at how the votes but up she defeated moderate democrat of north carolina 150 votes to 43. the vote was conducted by secret ballot
6:23 pm
in a lengthy store gap in the capitol hill. oppose the his the u.s. representative for san francisco says she's ready to get to work again. >> we stand and to offer to do the republicans will look for during their ideas of job creation and deficit reduction. going back to president used to inspire me john f. kennedy said we must not seek the republican way or democratic way we must find the right way to go forward as we take all responsibility for the future. >> clothes he now becomes the house minority she was the nation's first female house speaker. republican representative from ohio a list of the house speaker role of the gop-controlled house. >> are extended forecast a plane to the we can all sold windy conditions, " conditions will take a look at some rainfall totals coming up in just a bit.
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debut the beatles are dominating guy tunes music charts. x kimberleys talk about tells us about it. >> i just didn't check on line 12 of the top 25 albums are beatles albums that includes the $150 be a box that that has all their songs and a little mini documentary as well. additionally more than 60 of the top 200 songs beatles tunes on the i tunes charts. it's not up to knock out we ought not, a rascal flats or that the cast of ugly but it's pretty amazing considering a lot of the beatles albums are over 40 years old rate now were in the middle of the biggest music release window of the year. >> big changes to our forecast cooler today, cooler tomorrow, cooler to friday the cool weather taking is to the weekend plus a series of showers pushing through this weekend. snow levels dropping to 2,500 ft. will
6:28 pm
talk about a coming up stay with us all your top stories are coming up right after this break.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
now at 630 tonights big stories in one big block of news more cruz, more stories right now for top stories. >> mayor ron dellums decision to cancel is due to the city speech and instead post the speech of mine is not getting him many kind words. city councilman said that this is an insult he considers the last-minute cancellation a sign that dellums has no respect for the people of oakland della's does have his supporters including the market street neighborhood association which says that this is the modern way of doing things of that dellums is a quiet mayor who is not a good job. it reported oakland kate thompson kron 4 news. >> and san francisco the public away and if or who should take gavin newsome spot when he becomes
6:31 pm
lieutenant governor. he's expected to vacate his position in early january. the person who will become successor mayor will the spot until there's an election in november. no one wants to pose discovered the six votes needed from the board of supervisors. it will take other details of the shut the next meeting will public comment and is expected. >> continue our coverage in san francisco the protests turned violent out side uc regent at the bay campus. police say they began to sing in your batons and spring pepper spray into the crowd after some demonstrators started taking apart the barricades and using them as weapons. three officers were injured, 13 protesters were arrested. the you see it were to meet here again thursday to vote on those controversial fee hikes. marie kelly kron 4 news. >> and here at the courthouse a martinez day three of the court is hearing set the suspects are accused of raping a 16 year- old girl at richmond high school last year and
6:32 pm
october. for the second date in a row crime scene investigator took the stand join a testified while preserving the crime scene was important watch your ride to her top priority was getting medical attention for the victim. testimony is expected to resume tomorrow. at the courthouse and martina's dan curman kron 4 news. >> here and where police are searching for three suspects to terrorize both patrons and employees alike here at this track chi-chi's restaurant in an attempted robbery. surveillant shows three armed and masked suspects entered the store a year on school road late saturday night. they ordered patrons including children to live on the floor, herded dozens more into a storage room and then demanded money from employees at gunpoint. were told the day's receipts rollover of the protestanpremis. in newark rob flood of boat kron 4 news. >> karen allen temple baptist church in oakland 46 year-old leon wilson was shot killed while on a break
6:33 pm
from his ged class while he stood under the cross you see right behind me. close to the investigation say they are looking at a couple of possible motives including wilson being connected to a love triangle and the fact that wilson was a recent parolee at of richmond. opd says some of the problems that he had in that town we have followed him here to oakland. at allen temple baptist church in oakland kron 4 news to >> read here in san jose the dispute between meg whitman and her former housekeeper nikki has been settled. both sides declared victory carried the state division of labor had a $5,500 settlement either side except in blame. nikki and her attorney gloria choose what and of firing ds after not given proper. it's been made clear by both sides as the loss will be hearing about this case. in san jose kron 4 new >> is. in texas until nall
6:34 pm
deal which was of the movie theater for 3d is the three classes' they give you for free to watch it with. they did attract other cut a cheap and it could have terms your sharing with a lot of people. now other art is senior designer three glasses of the market. oakley was the first one to get them a note these are designed are high and three glasses they have cost $120 the qualities better and you get a peek cool hipster was wrong pair of three glasses. >> our big weather story big change is coming to the rest of the week and into the weekend as the storm up to the north now drops into the bay area. this will move in late friday and saturday notice of future cast the rain doesn't look too impressive at 4:00 on friday but will intensify as it draws moisture in from offshore. it helps intensify the storm through northern california. it was the periods of heavy rain into saturday morning and afternoon probably about an inch of rain expected bay area wide through saturday.
6:35 pm
kron 47 day around the bay forecast is not just going to be friday saturday continues into sunday and monday carried off on grain that is carried very cold temperature lasting to the weekend well into next weekend. >> jimmy campbell has declared today a national conference today. it to the reporter tells us about the movement on facebook >>. if your data with the legal he said he wants to protect the sacred nature of friendship to cut the friend fax those people on your page but are really a friend says to get rid of them carried approved this was working over on twitter all day on friend was one of the top trading topics a lot of people talking about it some saying it was liberating, getting rid of france was long overdue and some people are posting reasons why the unfriended sun sank perhaps you don't actually know them or perhaps they send invited after knowing invite two
6:36 pm
games, parties quizzes or perhaps your friends in high school but relief friends now. the last one there your mom i can agree with a couple of them but mommy will always be my facebook friend. stay with us we'll be right back after this break.
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hear stanley roberts to found some people behaving badly. >> as we get closer to the holiday season there are three things that you are pretty much guaranteed his seat near union square. no, not this lady dressed as a giant chocolate covered sunday, i'm referring to the city christmas tree the union square a skating rink and the migration of panhandlers. before you get confused let me be clear on not talking about the homeless because many may not be homeless. i'm talking about people hanging around the shopping district baking for cash. but these people in power street was holding a sign asking for money so
6:40 pm
he can buy week. or this may with the sign that reads out for food and broken. he had his dog as delays on the sidewalk also on pal street. later he decides to make another sign hoping someone reading it will give him money. so why the influx of panhandlers? it said look, since more people began pouring into union square shopping for the holidays this is where the money is. which means the panhandlers are hoping that you will be in the holiday spirit and hand over your cash. i'm not here to tell you what to do with your money but if you're really in the giving spirit, i have a suggestion. given to charity instead. in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> is big game week up next here from ted from the big game luncheon and a legend a man who transformed the basketball so drastically
6:41 pm
that they named as a basketball court after him. here goes one-on-one with him next. >> and kimberly and right now on prepare for the next big one this is a quick page. the text of an earthquake hits check out our real-time seismograph that are special place where you can set as your pictures, videos and comments. also what you're bigger reports on a recent quakes and how seismic testing is paying off and bridge construction progress. also take a look at our in-depth listing of disaster preparedness links on
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6:44 pm
you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. good evening everybody the biggest in the big game luncheon sell today in san francisco. (music) you better believe it there good of the house the cheerleaders they're really feeling good these days.
6:45 pm
there's reports they're going to be numerous nfl jobs open to him transferred his battered let's hear from both. >> would like to make to a big game a rivalry because cal is beaten stanford seven out of the last the years. " " there this year (cheering) will try to make a game out of that and to the best we can. >> those in him when he said he's going to try to make a game that's a bunch of b.s.. their plan with a lot of confidence. >> will give bob the you're off the top is pretty good. the a's wheeling and dealing be offered free agent third baseman rennie talk about resources. this is what tron does we pick this up from esp and dock,. he worked united states at work in a nationally. it of a free jackie you know some of the s p and don't you.
6:46 pm
thank you finally stop her. five-year 64 million that is the deal will also you're going to supposedly see to letter league ballplayers. adrian that will be the biggest deal. bottom line a's tried to get all trade at a boston and gave us real consistent players for the a's he's been traded to toronto where he can start every day for a couple of minor league players. chris balochi third in the manager of the year award. vern blackwood voce a limited in the playoffs missed by one point. blackout what of those teams were they say how or they doing it and went right to the end of this season. ron is the american's manager of the year he came in second five times prior to today so good for him from the minnesota twins. one more time a
6:47 pm
bruised vocbruce benxi, a full n including the post season he definitely would of been up there but that's how works. international soccer because my producer jason applebaum is from family, money and travels abroad pam you ready for one coming into this game the august and to ever score of gold in international competition for the united states its 1- 0 as the usa hangs on to beat south africa today. brazil and argentina why? because the producer jason applebaum comes from family money and troubles abroad. brazil and argentina chocolate have you been any those places? >> i would either place >> argentina wins won nothing. quickly returned to
6:48 pm
jacqueline bennett. (laughter) i'm from san as a chocolate where you live >> madrid. >> you what from madrid to boise idaho? >> yes. >> that's the difference, you know i like about jackie she's going to make it you and i was be here say was the coffee machine and chuck he will coach gondolier n.y. and dominoes and all the razzing i gave her. >> and not getting into this. >> they come, my that will hurt to enter what is this thing still doesn't work, or punching machine. (laughter) will return history made at san francisco college a great player, a great coach agreed athletic director for all time in its place of business for 44 years. the sideburns only 42% to begin he is next.
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thitonight were going to do it straight pad was a terrific player is seen as a coach he let city to their state championship i believe the only state championship in 1962 as a player. and as we set a coach, then over the weekend his beautiful wife will bring up at the ended jan head. for the first time in history the school they put someone's name on a piece of property that they can't erase the way. brad do it in court. did you have any idea this was coming. brad is been there 44 years. >> i had no idea they're going to do this railroad and showed up. >> usually were ripping on someone but sears said that was a really big deal. how did they tell you? >> a former player at of
6:53 pm
mine was the director, lee met the other night to were the primary motivator is that along with don griffin and they let me know as party ambivalent about it i was a little bit is about it. they told me was going happen it was sort of look back and forth on it and they insisted nice and what the heck. >> 44 years you of big personality ever look back and say how did the last 44 years in one place it is normally people with big personalities are good for two or three years and then say and heritage of salmon that to keep moving. you've got a good place apparently they like you. >> at all what were talking about educational stuff because what he said he don't care about education. (laughter) that still my favorite to you right in the middle the night and i said this guy is taking $60 million you could always come back and get his degree when he says and you
6:54 pm
don't care about education? now when he is in her garden. that's all right nice person. she sat on a pillow and she michael worker. of all the guys you helped, i had three come up to me the other day or your mom and dad the type of people who go out of their way? you don't care about money, he'll care to get your name in the paper you just want to help somebody is that still in stilled by your parents? >> my father's an immigrant from our land and my mother never went to school and she had to raise kids who all went to became teachers. three of the four of us dead. the average spirits in san francisco years ago even the to a certain extent i don't care but money and not materialistic but you have to help your players and you have to friends and you have to help your kids. if you're real committed coach in you have any kind of thing as a manual to help people who
6:55 pm
need help. if you don't you're going to cash out immediately. >> q ago >> 50 >> ago 150 if i don't talk about. >> 44 years. >> what do want to do next anything? >> i'm always happy to carry on their to the world's greatest woman and then cool with myself. always have a round ball a lot of basketball, i want to see kids get right. if you can do that in any way a lot of other guys do it as well better than i do but if you do that your call with yourself that's all you need. i can see any way. >> as we say tonight 44 years and you don't have from ships and people respect you he does come into jokes only 44 years and a lot people that love you i saw firsthand. that was terrific. i would like to bring your wife janet to pretty up this that carry >> she's shy she will come
6:56 pm
up. spencer year >> son and six we look too old. all right will see what a lot o'clock. [ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings...
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at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? at just seven inches, it's the only tablet designed for maximum mobility. and it's android-powered and flash-enabled for the best web browsing experience. get yours at verizon.
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"the insider's" royal coverage of prince williams' engagement in front of buckingham palace. i'm lara spencer. >> "the insider" is on. >> i'll leave my hat if i ever get divorced. >> our interview today with the man behind prohibits william and kate's first sit-down together. >> where are they? >> middleton's secrets about the future princess bride. >> she had a poster of prince william. >> absolutely. >> it was above her bed. >> the royal nuptials. >> the price tag could run about $40 million. >> plus protecting kate. >> she has already protection. they learned from their mistakes with diana. desperate housewives eva longoria's and tony parker's divorce. who filed against who?


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